Maribel Oléron island Mermaid Art Doll, Ondine, Spirit Doll, Fairy, Creature, Sea Goddess, Mythology, Mami Wata, Lemanja, Elven

Decorative art doll entirely made and sewn by hand in recycled fabrics in my workshop.

Unique OOAK doll.

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45,00 €

Here is Maribel, Mermaid doll from the island of Oléron in West France.

Born enchanteress, the Mermaid of Oléron, nicknamed the Luminous, does not need a net to trap and drown the sailor, she sings and bewitches beyond the waves.

Its aquamarine eyes attract in the darkness of the Atlantic and pierce the hearts of mad sailors like fishhooks.

Made from recycled fabrics and laces, sewn and painted by hand, with frayed seams for a worn effect.

Blue and white wool hair. Be careful, her white fluffy wool hair, in particular, is not made to be styled because the wool frays and falls apart.

Hand painted face.

Her white lace fishtail is sewn with blue sequins, embroidered pearls, and laces and it ends beautifully with a cascade of laces and velvet ribbons in shades of blue and white.

An extract from a musical score fabric and its black heart embroidered with mother-of-pearl and rhinestones recall its mysterious origins and the inevitability of its power of seduction.

This ocean goddess sports a gray sequin tiara adorned with pearls on the back.

She wears a blue resin pendant that illuminates like a beacon, irremediably trapping lost boats.


White velvet back.

Dominant tones: white, blue, green, gold and silver.



Approximately 33 cm high (without tail) (approx. 12,99 Inches)

Approximately 13,50 cm wide (approx. 5,31 Inches)

Maribel is a decorative doll exclusively reserved for adults and her various sewn elements are not suitable for children. Be careful, her fluffy wool hair, in particular; are not made to be styled because the wool frays and falls apart.

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