Gothic Pumpkin Doll, Art Doll, Fantasy Creature, Jack o' Lantern

Decorative art doll entirely imagined, drawn, handmade in my workshop.

Unique OOAK doll.

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50,00 €

Let me introduce you to “Bouille de Citrouille”, which means "Pumpkin face" in French), the pumpkin doll who loved to scare people on Halloween, a little chimerical creature born from autumn and my dreams.

The doll does not stand, but only sits.

Made from felt, recycled gray checked flannel and orange velvet  with pleated effect for the head.

The doll features an orange chrysanthemum flower with white organza ribbon bow.

Lace collar.

Filling: anti-allergy and dust mite wadding.



Height: approx. 30 cm (11,81 Inches)

Width: approx. 18 cm (7,08 Inches)

Shipping only in tracking  parcel.


Bouille de Citrouille is a decorative ornamental doll exclusively reserved for adults and its different elements sewn are not suitable for children or for general use only decorative.

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