Lady Rabbit Hare Art Doll Fantasy Creature, Angel, Elven, Victorian Fairy Tale, Folk, bird, Slavic, Wolpertinger, Chimera

Decorative art doll entirely imagined, drawn, handmade in my workshop.

Unique OOAK doll.

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Let me introduce you to “Lady Rabbit or Liberty with folded wings”, a chimerical creature born from the spirit of the times and my dreams.

Little cruel poetry:

“Let me fly!”

Is it the sigh of the rabbit who wants to fly or the cry of the caged bird who dreams of escaping? Jealous of his wings, Lady Rabbit made makeshift wings and put the blue bird in a cage, hoping that the bird would give her its secret in order to fly...

The story does not say whether the winged rabbit finally became an angel or whether the bird, through such long captivity, did not simply forget how to fly...

Thus, everyone is a prisoner by nature or by accident, the rabbit dreamed of being an angel while the bird wanted to become free again like the air that he so loved to tear apart with all his being.

A bitter and current allegory of the ogre who swallows freedom, the doll can be adorned, if the mood suits it, with a Slavic floral crown.


The doll is in a standing position, her legs and arms do not fold.

Face entirely painted by me with non-toxic paint.

Organic unbleached cotton body and white velvet back.


The doll is in Victorian fashion.

She wears a non-removable Victorian cape collar in black lace and mesh.

A choker in petroleum green blue velvet supports a small verdigris key, guardian of the promise of freedom for the bird trapped in its cage.

The wings and clothes are not removable and have been sewn onto the doll.

The wings are made of aged white cotton and laces for an old and worn effect. A few sequins illuminate the wings.

Its wings move, but they are immovable.

White and gray tulle petticoats, deliberately cut out randomly, for a “coming out of the attic” effect. White lace skirt.

On her stomach, a medallion in white velvet and black lace, enhanced with gold paint, bears the suggested effigy of a blue bird. Liberty then sports the colors yellow gold and blue.

The removable floral crown highlights the Slavic origin of our creatures.

I didn't forget the little bunny tail thanks to a very delicate little pompom!


Filling: anti-allergy and dust mite wadding.



Height: approx. 34 cm

Width: approx. 12 cm

Shipping only in tracked parcel.

Lady Rabbit is a decorative ornamental doll exclusively reserved for adults and its various sewn elements are not suitable for children or only for decorative use.

Please note, protected model © All rights reserved.