Luna Moon Goddess Art doll 2, Celestial, Stellar, Altar, Triple Goddess, Pagan, Magic, Wiccan, spirit doll, totem, lunar

Altar decorative art doll entirely realized and sewn by hand in our workshop.
Unique model.

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35,00 €

Collect Dead Things © presents Luna, a benevolent moon goddess doll with a pale face and a great beauty.

Triple Goddess_ Selene-Hecate-Artemis_ Luna wears the diadem of the three lunar phases.

Made in white cotton with black celestial print, recycled laces, rhinestone and sequins. Sewn and hand painted, with coarse seams for a pagan effect.

White and pale blue wool braided hair.

Black velvet back with & a Luna sewn label.

Ideal votive doll on an altar.

Filling = anti-allergy wadding and mites.

Luna is a decorative doll exclusively for adults and its various sewn elements are not suitable for children.
Attention, protected model © All rights reserved.

About 28 cm tall
About 11 cm wide

approx. 11,02''  x  4,33''