Mother Earth Nature Gaia Green Lady Triple Goddess Art Doll, Forest Spirit, Fertility, Pagan Altar, Spirit doll

Altar decorative art doll entirely realized and sewn by hand in our workshop.
Unique model.

The perfect gift for a woman.

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30,00 €

Small Goddess Mother Earth Gaia altar doll, she honors the Earth, nature and its elements and fertility. 

The Great Goddess represents the All, nature, the feminine principle, creation and the cycle of life and
the seasons.
And here, more particularly fertility, motherhood, harmony with the natural elements,
protector of marriage and the serenity of the home.

My little goddess dolls are the guardians of the home.

Made of dark green velvet and green and black laces.

It features an iridescent titanium crystal with rainbow reflections and embroidered with water green
seed beads.

A piece of mauve-tinted mother-of-pearl is roughly sewn on the upper arms.

Ideal as a votive doll on an altar, to put on a piece of furniture or to hang on a ribbon on a wall or a
Its small size allows you to take it everywhere.

Filling= anti-allergy and dust mite wadding.


26 cm high (approx.
10,23 inches)
11,50 cm wide (approx.
4,52 inches).

Decorative doll exclusively for adults and its various sewn elements are not suitable for children.

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