Victorian Green Scarab Beetle Wrist Cuff, Green Witch, Entomologist, Taxidermy, Forest, Insect, Mori girl, Curiosities, Nature

Cuff bracelet entirely made and sewn by hand in a unique OOAK model.

To wear alone. Price for a single cuff.

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38,00 €

Large cuff bracelet made of embroidered black cotton and dark green and white laces. K

haki and green velvet.

In the center, aged copper metal medallion with domed cabochon inclusion in white resin of real small Chrysomele beetle.

The animals used to make our jewelry and accessories are the fruit of harvests and gifts from nature; none of them were brought up and killed for it.

Colors may vary from one insect to another.


The set closes on the wrist with a thin black satin ribbon.

It is your responsibility to measure your wrist to see if it can fit.




Sleeve width: minimum 16.20 cm (approx  6,37" )

(the strap therefore adjusts with a minimum of 16.20 cm)

Sleeve height: about 10 cm

Medallion: 3.70 cm / 3.00 cm approximately