Creepy Crazy Bio-Exorcist Beetlejuice Art Doll, Betelgeuse, Gothic Ghost, Voodoo, Valentine, Tim Burton, Halloween, Zombie

Small decorative gothic puppet fabric doll entirely handmade in my workshop. Unique model.

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35,00 €

Collect Dead Things © presents the crazy  Bio-Exorcist with altered seams fabric doll, in reference to 
the character of Beetlejuice.
Bio-exorcist by profession, this eccentric doll is made of cotton fabric with black and white stripes
and felt.
The face is in white velvet and the back in green velvet.

Like a real Dandy, the Bio-Exorcist wears a purple tie and his crazy neon green hair are made of felt
and tulle.

This decorative little doll is filled with anti-allergy and dust mite wadding.
On the back, embroidered and sewn label.

Comes with a needle to prick his heart. Don't forget to pronounce his name three times in order to
summon him before!

Height: 24cm
Width (including hair): 22 cm
approx. 9,44'' x 8,66''

Betelgeuse is a toy exclusively for adults and its various elements are not suitable for children.
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