Yellow Conjoined Twins Mummy Voodoo Doll - Siamese, Circus, Freak, Freak Show, Love, Valentine, Wedding

Welcome to the Freak Show with this unusual two-headed mummy doll.


Decorative conjoinde twins mummy doll to offer to celebrate your love, for Valentine's Day or a wedding.

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15,00 €

Cabinet of Curiosities atmosphere with this small two-headed mummy voodoo doll.

Very rare specimen, this mummy is the result of the fusion of two dead human beings reunited in death.

Because of this, the mummy presents one body and one heart, but also two heads.

Doll made of yellow felt and anti-dust mite and allergies cotton.

Supplied with two needles to prick its heart.


Doll delivered with an art postcard showing a specimen of Siamese twins with the inscription "One Heart, Two Souls".

Dimensions: about 25 cm x 19 cm

Approx. 9,84'' x 7,48''

These are accessories and toys for adults only, they are not suitable for children.
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