Voodoo Dolls Couple Mojo Ritual love Dagyde Ex Separation Spell Kit, Marriage, Valentine's Day, Wedding, Divorce, Sex

Small voodoo kit with two mini mummies dolls in love, for declaration or spell of love, return of the loved one, loyalty, disunity, end of an ex grip, or to offer at a wedding or a divorce ceremony!


Possibility to embroider the initials of the two lovers on the hearts of the dolls, only on request when or before ordering.

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16,00 €

Handmade kit including two mini voodoo dolls.

Whatever your objective (love spell, disunity of a couple, return of love, sexual relations, fidelity, marriage, divorce, disbelief, etc.), the principle is simple:

The dolls must first be named.

When the dolls are knotted face to face, it is a ritual of love, when they are back to back, it is a ritual of separation, of disenchantment, or to get rid of the grip of an ex. ..

In case of infidelity or return of the ex, the red doll represents the romantic partner (you) and the gray the unfaithful partner to bewitch.

Handmade with upcycle coupons of red and mottled gray felt, with anti-allergy and mites cotton wadding.

Doll dimensions:
13 cm high / 7 cm wide

approx.5,11''  x  2,75''

Delivered  with a One heart two souls postcard, three needles and examples of use.

Each doll being made to order, it may differ from the photos. Non-contractual photo.
These are accessories and toys for adults that are not suitable for children.
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