Jack O' Lantern Voodoo Mummy Halloween Doll, Gothic, Occult, Esoteric, Pumpkin, Witchcraft, will o the wisp

Small decorative Jack O'Lantern voodoo doll in a primitive halloween spirit.

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Collect Dead Things © presents Jack of the Lantern, the little halloween voodoo mummy doll.

A crafty mind who had fooled the Devil, he could not escape to death and curse, condemned to wander aimlessly for eternity, a persept soul lighting up with his pumpkin lantern.

People says that he reappears every year on Halloween, the date of his death.

Small voodoo mummy doll in orange and black felt and thick frayed beige jute burlap.

He is holding a pumpkin lantern made of non-removable felt.

Filling anti-allergy  and mites wadding cotton.


17 cm x 11 cm
Approximately 6,69''  x  4,33''

Accessory and toy for adults not suitable for children.

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