Fetish Voodoo Doll! Healing, Chromotherapy, Witchcraft, Magic, Gothic, Occult, Vodun, Gri-gri, Dagyde, Chakra

Choose your fetish voodoo doll!

You will receive a small doll of the color of your choice and its needle.
Ability to customize the doll with initials or a name on the heart, on the back or on a piece of fabric, on request.

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Originally, voodoo dolls were not meant to curse but bless a person.
Simply prick the doll in the heart or elsewhere, to bless a person or name the doll. You can also stitch pieces of paper or fabric with the desired invocation or blessing wrote on it.

Collect Dead Things © present the small Healing Fetish Voodoo Doll.

Color of your choice:

- YELLOW: calls for glory, action, faith and healing.

- GREEN: calls for commercial and financial success, money, luck at games. Promotes rebirth

- BLUE: luck and success.
promotes exams and business.
promotes communication, friendship and loyalty.

Please note that the blue does not stand out well in the group photos, it is not a pale blue but a stronger blue.

- WHITE: calls for truth and purity. Advances knowledge.
Color of the dead and divinities in peace.

- RED: promotes power and courage. Red magic: passion, sexuality.

- ORANGE: promotes attractiveness and popularity. Optimism and joy, energy and imagination.

- ROSE: promotes love and returns of affection, solves emotional problems.

- BLACK: removes enemies and repels negative energies.

- VIOLET: color of spirituality, it promotes introspection, meditation, magic, spiritual power and clairvoyance. Protection against negative energies, it promotes health.

Delivered with a needle.
Made of felt, anti-allergy filling and mites.

About 15 cm x 9 cm

approx. 5,90''  x  3,54''

Colors may vary depending on your PC screen and depending on availability.
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Accessories and toys for adults not suitable for children.
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