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Little dummy Ischiopagus mummy doll.
FREAK SHOW Collection


Entirely handmade in unique model.

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Collect Dead Things © presents The Great Lentini, the little mummy doll with three legs.

Suffering from ischiopagus, a rare congenital malformation, fusion of two twins with absorption of the so-called parasite twin by the cannibal one.

Thus, Francesco Lentini, born with a parasitic twin, had three legs and this singularity made him a star performer in the greatest circuses and Freakshows of his time. He was so respected that he was nicknamed The Great Lentini or The King.

Made in off-white cotton and anti-allergy wadding and mites.

Its small size allows you to take it everywhere.

20 cm x 11 cm

approx.  7,87''  x  4,33''


Accessory and toy for adults only, not suitable for young children.
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