One Heart, Two Souls Postcard, Greeting, Card, Siamese, Twins, Circus, Freak, Art, Gothic

Card to collect, to frame, to send, to offer or to accompany your Frogs do not make Princes gift!

Cabinet of curiosities atmosphere with this art card representing a Siamese twins specimen bearing the inscription "One Heart, Two Souls."

Reproduction of a pictorial artwork of mine.

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2,50 €

Reproduction printed on matte card paper.

Virgin back .
Of course, the watermarks will not appear on the card you receive.
The colors may be slightly different or darker.

You will receive one card [no frame}.

Comes with a white envelope.

Map size: 10.50 cm / 14.80 cm

Copyright protected: thank you not to broadcast this image without my consent!
© registered design. All rights reserved. The purchase of this card doesn't give you the right to broadcast or any ownership on my work.

  • Height 14.80 cm
  • Width 10.50 cm