Dark Academia Literature Baroque Black Brown White Textile Basket Storage Bag, Shabby decor, Baroque, victorian wedding

Small decorative storage basket bag in the Gothic-Victorian baroque boudoir spirit, for your cottons, handkerchiefs, lipsticks or bathroom wipes, objects in the bedroom or living room Or for a bridal decoration or the rose petals of the wedding ceremony or your wedding rings

Size: small

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Small flexible textile storage basket bag in brocade fabric with black baroque patterns on a slightly satin dark brown background.

Interior in white cotton with black scripts writing theme patterns (crow, quill, inkwell, feather, pencil etc.).

Usually, I like to do a flap for a two-tone effect, but you can also leave it as is. Here, the basket is reversible but if you put it on the white side, the patterns will be upside down!


It can also be use as a flowerpot for plants or for brushes (paint, make-up, etc.) on condition that it is lined inside a hard material pot (glass, cardboard, etc.) because it cannot support heavy objects on its own (cotton is very light).

Not waterproof: for your plants, line it inside a waterproof glass jar or a thick plastic bag.



Height without flap: about 14 cm

Base: approximately 12 cm on each of the four sides

Opening span: about 12cm in diameter

Machine washable at 30 degrees.