Dark Academia Scottish Checked Tartan Basket Red green, Gothic, Textile basket Storage tray, university

Decorative storage basket in Dark Academia style, perfect for a Boudoir, for your cottons, handkerchiefs, lipsticks or bathroom wipes, objects in the bedroom or living room

Small size

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15,00 €

Small flexible textile storage basket in beautiful red and green Scottish Tartan fabric.

Identical interior.

Personally, I like to make a flap, but you can also leave it as is.

It can also be made a flowerpot for plants or for brushes (paint, make-up, etc.) on condition that it is 
lined inside a hard material pot (glass, cardboard, etc.) because it cannot support heavy objects on
its own (cotton is very light). Not waterproof: for your plants, line it inside a waterproof glass jar or a thick plastic bag. Dimensions: Height without flap: about 13 cm (approx. 5,11 inch) Base width: approximately 12 cm on each of the four sides (approx. 4,72 inch) Opening span: about 12 cm in diameter Machine washable at 30 degrees.