Larvikite Crystal Point and Third Eye Divination Pendulum, Dowsing, Stone Lithotherapy, Witch, Magic, wicca, Reiki, Witchcraft

Third Eye Larvikite Pendulum

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13,00 €

Silver stainless steel chain.

This one measures 23 cm but I can make one with a personalized length on simple request.

Adorned with a silver plated Third Eye / Eye of Providence pendant.


Larvikite prism pendulum (gray / black).


Each crystal or stone is different and can present its own colors, roughness and defects.


Larvikite, often mistakenly confused with Labradorite or called "Black Moon Stone", is a volcanic stone that protects against negative energies.

Anchor stone associated with the earth, it promotes meditation and patience.

It relieves loneliness and mental exhaustion.

Recommended for skin problems. Promotes harmony, creativity and learning.



Chain: approximately 23 cm long (approx 9,05") or personalized on request (for free)

Pendulum: approx. 4 cm / 1.00 cm

Eye: 2.50 cm x 2.40 cm