Black White The Bat Woman Textile Art Brooch, Vampire, Bathory, Baroque, Witch, Dracula, Gothic, Vampiric

Textile brooch for feminine creature of the night or esthete dandy.

Unique gift entirely made and embroidered by hand from fabric scraps.

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20,00 €

The Bat-Lady

Is she a Succubus or an arrogant vampire countess? The Batwoman will adorn all your outfits, even the most extravagant!

Embroidered textile art brooch, oval cotton medallion with black female skeleton and bat patterns on a white background.

A black rose and rhinestones adorn the medallion which rests on a black lace bow.

Brooch pin on the back.

To pin on a garment, a hat or a hat, a bag or any other accessory.


Dimensions of the medallion without the lace:

6 cm high x 5 cm wide

approx. 2,36"  x  1,96"


Each brooch is handmade each is different and may have slight variations