Protection Pentacle Larvikite Point Amulet Earrings, Talisman, Witchcraft, Magic, Pagan, Occult jewelry

Witchy dangling earrings with magical amulets (pentacle and pendulum), made in our workshop.

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18,00 €

Pair of dangling earrings with small aged silver metal color pentacles.

Sterling silver rods.
Opaque rubber end caps.

Prismatic point pendulums in Larvikite, cut natural stone, in dark to light gray tones.
Each stone is different and can have its own colors, defects and roughness.

Total height:  7.90 cm

approx. 3,11"

The pentacle allied to Larvikite is a talisman of protection against negative energies.

Larvikite, falsely called Labradorite or black Moon Stone, is an anchor stone associated with the Earth promoting meditation, patience and emotional and psychic detachment, especially for empaths. It helps fighting against mental loneliness, fatigue and skin problems.


In order to prolong the life of your jewelry, it is not recommended to put it in contact with water, perfumes, any corrosive product and other metals.