Wyvern Winged Lindworm Snake Woman Art Doll, Dragon, Goddess, Melusine, Mermaid, Mystical, Gothic, Elven, Creature, Mythology

Art decorative doll entirely realized and sewn by hand in our workshop.
Unique OOAK model.

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Collect Dead Things © presents Dame Wyverne, Vouivre doll, a french legendary creature.

Woman dragon serpent winged swamp, a kind of a winged lindworm, she keeps a buried treasure.

She has a snake tail, bat wings, a medieval headdress and an amber carbuncle on the forehead with the power to transform any metal into gold.

The legend describes her in the waters, as "a long and graceful form, which seems to hesitate between a woman's body and a snake, bathes in mermaid and moves in water better than an eel".

Solitary creature, she is said to come out of the water once a year and take the opportunity to spread her treasure to the Sun. But despite her great beauty, woe betide who will try to seize her precious stone or the treasure!

Made of fabrics (velvet, cotton, brocade, satin, imitation leather ...) and recycled laces, sequins, sewn and painted by hand, with no machine, with frayed seams for a worn effect.

Black braided and bun wool hair.
Back in dark green velvet.

Wings in black imitation and shiny green scales fabric.

Dominant tones: green, black, brown.

Filling = anti-allergy and dust mites wadding.

26cm high
About 11 cm wide
approx.  10,23''  x  4,33''


Dame Wyverne is a decorative doll exclusively reserved for adults and its various sewn elements are not suitable for children.
Attention, protected model © All rights reserved.