BABA YAGA Spirit Forest Totem Art doll, Folk, Altar, Magic, Witch, Slav, Vassilissa, Russian, Pagan, Shaman, Tale Dark Mori

Small decorative votive altar Totem art doll Witch Baba Yaga, Spirit of the Forest, entirely made and sewn by hand in our workshop.

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Collect Dead Things © introduces Baba yaga, the Slavic witch, Mother-Spirit of the Forest.

Great Mother Ogress with stag antlers, Baba Yaga commands to nature, celestial phenomena and animals, whose appearance she can borrow.

Linking the Two Worlds, the living and the dead, the witch with green eyes is endowed with clairvoyance and the gift of magic.

Our witch with the only bone leg holds her broom that allows her to fly and her lantern-skull with fiery eyes in yellow Howlite that terrace her enemies. These accessories are not removable.

Made of recycled fabrics and lace, sewn and hand painted, with frayed seams for a worn pagan effect.

Burgundy wool hair with a Slavic crown headdress of flowers and multicolored satin ribbons.

Brown lace, fuschsia, pink, purple, burgundy and red lace.
Black velvet back.

Filling = anti-allergy wadding and mites.


27 cm x 14 cm approx. 10,62''  x  5,51''

Baba Yaga is a decorative doll exclusively for adults and its various sewn elements are not suitable for children.

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