Art Doll Melusine Mermaid of Poitou, Mystic, Gothic, Elven, Siren, Fairy, Purple, Creature, Sea, River, Magic, Mythology

Art decorative doll entirely realized and sewn by hand in our workshop.
Unique OOAK model.

"Sing, sing, siren,
You have a way to sing,
You have the sea to drink
My lover to eat. "

Old song from Poitou.

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30,00 €

Collect Dead Things © present Mélusine, Mermaid doll of Poitou.

Born as an enchantress, the Mermaid does not need a fishnet to trap and drown the sailor, she sings and captivates the waves.
From her curse and her loneliness, she holds this sadness never softened and a tear falls for the eternity from her green eye.

Fairy undine, builder of castles and cities of Poitou and many countries, she wears a crown and a pink Quartz Crystal on the front.

Made of recycled fabrics and laces, sewn and hand painted, with frayed seams for a worn effect.
Braided lilac wool hair.

Its plum silk fish tail is sewn with sequins and laces and ends nicely with a cascade of ribbons.

An excerpt from a musical score and the key to her mysterious heart recall the inevitability of the seductive power of her song. The lily flowers and its crown recall its noble lineage.

Light purple velvet back.
Filling = anti-allergy wadding and mites.

About 32 cm high with fringes
About 12 cm wide

approx. 12,59''  x  4,72''

Mélusine is a decorative doll exclusively for adults and its different sewn elements are not suitable for children.
Attention, protected model © All rights reserved.