Married Zombie Voodoo Doll Couple Gift, Love, Day of the Dead, Valentine, Gothic Wedding, Groom, Bride, Art Doll, Mummy

Two small voodoo mummies in love, for declaration or return of the loved one or to offer at a gothic wedding

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13,00 €

Two mini voodoo dolls, a couple of married Zombies, groom and bride.

The bride wears a non-removable bloody white veil.

Both have a bloody eye.

Deceased at the time of their marriage, our Zombis are doomed to wander for eternity, tirelessly seeking something to satisfy their insatiable hunger.

Possibility of embroidering the initials of the two lovers or married on the hearts of the dolls only on request during or before the order.

Made of neon green felt, white tulle, red paint and anti-allergy wadding and mites.

Supplied with two needles to stitch their hearts.

Dimensions of the dolls:

about 16 cm high / 10 cm wide
approx. 6,29''  x  3,93''

Each doll is made to order, it may differ from photos. Non-contractual photo.

These are accessories and toys for adults or older children that are not suitable for children.

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