Lucy Westenra Wristbands Cuffs Bracelets, Dracula, Bat, Victorian, Red Wedding, Edwardian, Vampire, Gothic Wedding

Pair of gothic cuffs textile bracelets, inspired by the exuberance of Lucy Westenra's vampiric character.
Entirely made and sewn by hand.

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25,00 €

Two cuff bracelets made of red and black laces.

In the center, a little silver bat under a mini black satin bow with mini red pearl.

The set closes on the wrist by a thin black satin ribbon to tie.

Wear them either in a high sleeve on the wrist or falling on the top of the hand.

Adjustables. Minimum length of the sleeve (wrist circumference): 16 cm minimum

Height of the sleeve: 9.50 cm