Turquoise Blue Crystal Quartz Stone Point Pendulum Necklace - Esoteric, Mystic, Sorcery, Witch, Magic, Pagan, Wicca, Witchcraft

Long esoteric necklace with pendulum talisman.

In alchemy and esotericism, the inverted triangle symbolizes water and the feminine principle.

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14,00 €

Long necklace with stainless steel chain.

Spinning Quartz pendulum with various inclusions, artificially colored/tinted in turquoise blue.

Each stone varies and may have asperities, colors and defects that are specific to it and may differ from photos.

Lobster clasp.

Stone: 3 cm x 1,50 cm


Length of the chain: about 69 cm

approx. 27,16''


Ability to change and customize the length of the chain on request if you need a longer or shorter chain.