Franken, The All Stitched Up One GREY Voodoo Doll, Valentine, Mummy, Frankenstein, Monster, Freak, Circus

Do not be fooled by appearances... Franken is a small voodoo doll in search of affection to repair its scars ...

Each doll is completely handmade in unique model.


Grey version.

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Collect Dead Things © present Franken, the all stitched up, a small grey voodoo doll in love.

Result of the madness of a scientific brain without any limitations, this undead has escape and is  seeking for love and compassion ...

Little Franken voodoo doll, handmade in red felt and cotton fading (anti-allergy and anti-mites).

Comes with one needle. to prick its heart


15 cm x 9,50 cm
approx 5,90'' x 3.74''

This is an adult toy and accessorie which is not suitable for children.
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