Zombie Glutton Cupcake Voodoo Doll, Brain, Monster, Dead, Gothic, Eye, Blood, Horror, Skull, Cannibal, Anatomy

Decorative voodoo doll loving brains-cupcakes.

I can personalized or put a name in the description of the doll, on request and for free.

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Collect Dead Things © present Glutton, the voodoo cannibal Zombie, fond of human flesh.
He loves making cupcakes decorated with the brains and eyes of his poor victims.

Ogre clumsy, messy and sluggard, our cannibal does not eat properly, so he is stained with blood.

Made in ecru white cotton, paint and wadding against allergy and mites.
Cupacke-brain: pink color.

Comes with a needle-skull to poke his heart with a paper with a name to name him or a wish.
Therapeutic revenge towards an ogre or a narcissistic pervert, here symbolized by our flesh devourer.

Cupcake not removable.


Height: about 21.50 cm  approx. 8,46''
Width: about 12,50 cm  approx. 4,92''

Decorative puppet toy for adults only that is not suitable for children.
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