Autopsy Voodoo Doll, Zombie, Death, Thanatopraxia, Embalmer, Gothic, Medical, Forensic Doctor, Necropsied, Anatomy

Small autopsied decorative doll.

Unique model.

I can personalized or put a name in the description of the doll, on request and for free.

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Collect Dead Things © presents the autopsy doll.

Unidentified corpse, she is called Doe (or simply X in France) and it is not only her identity that is a mystery, the cause of her death remains unknown too, the autopsy has not revealed anything.

From the autopsy precisely, she keeps the stitches in Y and around the cranial forehead.

Now undead, she has recovered some biological remains from the post mortem examination: her dead eye, her heart, her brain and the jar containing her stomach contents.

It is said that she wanders in the morgues of France, in the search certainly, of what was her life of which she has no memory any more ...

Made of white cotton, felt and anti-allergy wadding and mites.
On the back of the head, velcro allows to put her removable brain.


Height: about 20 cm   approx.  7,87''
Width: about 10.50 cm  approx.  4,13''

Decorative puppet toy for adults only that is not suitable for children.
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