Bad Doctor Voodoo Doll, Therapeutic revenge, Surgeon, Healing, Therapy, Zombie, Diploma, Gothic, Medical, Medicine, Hospital

Here is the decorative bad doctor puppet doll.

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Is there a heart under the blouse?

Empathy is an important quality for a doctor, don't you think?

 This doll will allow you, for example, to teach empathy to a doctor a little too dismissive, self-important or incompetent. For this, write on paper or tissue what you expect from the doctor. You can also give it a name in the same way. This Bad Doctor voodoo doll will be a great way to relieve stress and bad experience memories!

Collect Dead Things © presents the decorative Bad Doctor puppet doll, an incompetent doctor.

He has everything from a doctor, from the white blouse through the stethoscope, but be careful, because this undead does not really intend to heal you!

ccustomed to all kinds of medical errors, our doctor has forgotten the Hippocratic Oath and torments more than he treats his patients.

Comes with some wishes or orders on fabric as examples, and three needles.

Doll made of white cotton and felt, paint and wadding allergy and mites.

Height: about 24 cm approx. 9,44''
Width: about 13 cm approx. 5,11''

Decorative comforter for adults only that is not suitable for children.
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  • Width 13 cm
  • Height 24 cm approx