Snow Queen Long Necklace, Wicca, Elven, Magic, Game Of Thrones, Ice, Frozen

Handmade necklace with iridescent glass crystal pendulum.

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16,00 €

Long necklace inspired by the broken mirror of the story fairy tale The Frozen Snow Queen of Andersen.

Stainless steel chain with transparent iridescent GLASS crystal prism pendulum.

Filigree silver metal primer surrounding the glass pendant.

On the back, dismissed filigree primer and a holding ring discarding.


Each glass is different and may have bubbles, colors, rough edges and other defects of its own.


Closed by lobster clasp.


Chain: 68 cm long approx.  26,77''

Pendulum: 6.50 cm/1.30 cm

  • longueur Chain: 68 cm approx