Embroidered Runes Gyfy Wynn Love Protection Hand, Dark Mori, Red, Pendulum, Phytotherapy, Runes, Viking, Lithotherapy, Quartz

Decorative scented Wynn and Gyfu felt hand, to hang on wall or to put on a cabinet.

Unique model.

Protects the home.

Gift for all occasions, a new life, housewarming or wedding, for a physiotherapist or masseur ...

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10,00 €

Inspired by Celtic and Nordic traditions, a pagan hand, embroidered and lightly perfumed (clove/lavender), to hang on a wall, on a window or a knob, to put on a cabinet, to perfume or to use as a needleholder for the seamstresses.

Handmade with black felt and roughly embroidered runes Wynn/Wunjõ and Gyfu/Gebõ in red.

Beige cotton and red lace on the bottom.

Filling anti-allergy wadding and mites and various protective herbs (anti-moth Lavender, clove, pepper, cannelle ...).


On the top, a black satin ribbon allows to hang it to a handle, a window  or a wall.


You can stitch your sewing needles or drop some essential scented oils.


Delivered with its Cherry Quartz pendulum and key charm.

Runes of protection.
Wynn/Wunjõ symbolizes joy, Gyfu/Gebõ love, union, the couple and sexuality.


Height: 23 cm approx. 9.05''
Width: 15.50 cm approx.  6.10''