Embroidered Felt White Algiz Protection Hand, Dark Mori, Pendulum, Lavender, Phytotherapy, Runes, Viking, Lithotherapy

Decorative scented Algiz felt hand, to hang on wall or to put on a cabinet.

Unique model.

Protects the home.

Gift for all occasions, a new life, housewarming or wedding, for a physiotherapist or masseur ...

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10,00 €

Inspired by Celtic and Nordic traditions, a pagan hand, embroidered and lightly perfumed (clove/lavender), to hang on a wall, on a window or a knob, to put on a cabinet, to perfume or to use as a needleholder for the seamstresses.

Handmade with black felt and roughly embroidered rune and Algiz letters in white. Embroidered cotton applique and ecru white lace on the bottom.

Filling anti-allergy wadding and mites and various protective herbs (anti-moth Lavender, clove, parsley, clove, camphor ...).


On the back, a black satin ribbon allows to hang it to a handle, a window  or a wall.


You can stitch your sewing needles or drop some essential scented oils.


Delivered with its ecru cream Agate stone pendulum and owl charm.

Algiz is a Rune of protection against negative energies and thoughts.
It brings spiritual help to fight the troubles by bringing a certain distance.


Height: 22 cm   approx. 8.66''
Width: 15 cm   approx. 5.90''