Edgar And Gustave, The Psycho Conjoined Twins, Bicephalous Mummy, Siamese, Evil Twins, Circus, Freak Show, AHS, Killer

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Unusual decorative conjoined twins mummy voodoo art doll.


Unique doll totally handmade with MADNESS.

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Collect Dead Things © presents the two-headed mummy.

Very rare specimen, this mummy is the result of the prenatal fusion of two twins, Edgar and Gustave.

Therefore, the mummy comes with one body and one heart, but two heads.

Orphans of birth, born from a gypsy mother died during childbirth, Edgar and Gustave were exhibited and martyred in glaucous Freak Shows and circus in the nineteenth century.

At the dawn of their thirty years, their unique heart no longer held and they died of exhaustion a few minutes apart from each other, as a result of ill-treatment throughout their short and disaster itinerant life.

Beyond death, since they know a new life of psychopathic killers, eliminating directors and artists in many circus & Freak shows.

Edgar preferring the discretion of the poison, while Gustave murders his victims with a pistol shot in the head, our two-headed mummy holds a felt bottle of poison and a silver revolver {not removable}.

They irremediably take the souls of their victims through their dead hearts.
Edgar, the most emotional, sheds an eternal tear for ever.
Doudou made of black felt, back in white and navy striped cotton and anti-dust mite and allergies. . Doudou surrounded by dark brown lace.
Delivered with two needles to prick their heart.


Height: 24 cm  approx. 9.44''
Width:  20 cm  approx. 7.87''


Edgar and Gustave are a decorative cuddle reserved for adults and they are not suitable for children.

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  • Width 20 cm approx
  • Height 24 cm approx