The Bio-Exorcist Small Rag Voodoo Doll Beetlejuice Mummy - Gothic, Geek, Tim Burton, Stripes, Victorien

Gothic little mummy doll entirely handmade in our workshop in unique model.

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14,00 €

Collect Dead Things © presents you the little crazy fabric mummy doll, with the seams altered, in reference to the character of Beetlejuice.

Bio-exorcist by profession, this little eccentric voodoo-mummy is made of cotton fabric with black and white stripes and felt.

As a Dandy, our Bio-Exorcist wears a purple tie and his crazy hair are made of fluorescent green tulle  and felt.


On the back, embroidered and sewn label, mentioning its name.


This small decorative doll is filled with anti-allergic wadding and dust mites.


Comes with one needle to pick its heart!




Height: 21 cm  approx. 8.26''

Width (hair included): 16 cm   approx. 6.29''



Collect Dead Things © are soft adult toys and grigris of various sizes that decorate your house, your bag, or just distributors of cuddles. Discover these undead, monsters and macabre cuddly collectibles. They are all unique, with their first name, their peculiarities and a story of their own!


This mummy is a toy exclusively for adults and its different elements are not suitable for children.

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  • Width 16 cm
  • Height 21 cm